Birthday Video Slideshow Presentation Australia

Need a unique 50th birthday present idea, a 40th birthday present idea, a 30th birthday present idea or a special gift for a 21st birthday?

Do you have a special birthday coming up? A 21st Birthday, 30th Birthday, 40th Birthday, 50th Birthday, 60th Birthday, 70th Birthday, or 80th Birthday. Celebrate a birthday milestone with a special Birthday Photo Slideshow to show at the party.
Using a combination of your photographs and your choice of music, we create for you a Birthday DVD Slideshow  Presentation that you can play in any DVD player or on your computer.
Highlight an accomplishment your child achieved, a special trip that your family took, or simply use everyday photos of your kids - the options are endless.
A birthday slideshow presentation is really a great way to celebrate a loved one's special day, and we guarantee that they will love this unique and thoughtful gift!

Birthday Slideshow Presentation Gallery

See below for Pricing

- Birthday Slideshow Presentation Pricing-
  • package A

  • approx. 5 minutes
    50 images
    1 Song
  • DVD or USB = +$45 each
    includes postage and handling

  • package B

  • approx. 10 minutes
    100 images
    1 - 2 Songs
  • DVD or USB = +$45 each
    includes postage and handling

  • package C

  • approx. 15 minutes
    200 images
    2-3 Songs
  • DVD or USB = +$45 each
    includes postage and handling

All Our Packages include:
Preview - a proof of your presentation will be uploaded for your approval to a file sharing service before uploading the high resolution file on completion
Photo Restoration - your images will be colour corrected / enhanced, dust spots and scratches removed. 
High Quality DVD Case - Custom designed and printed (If purchased as an extra)
High Definition Disc - Custom Designed & Printed (If DVD case purchased as above)
Data Disc - All retouched images on disc - (If purchased DVD Presentation as above)

- Frequently asked questions -

Can I see my Birthday Slideshow Presentation proof first?

Yes definitely. We will upload a proof for viewing to a file sharing service for you.

How does payment work?

A 50% deposit is required at time of ordering and balance payable when design is approved.
Money is paid in to our direct deposit account or you may pay with PayPal. Details provided

What kind of photos can I send?

You can send digital files. Old printed hard copy photos will need to be scanned by you and saved as a JPG.
Any text you would like should be saved in Microsoft Word.

Do you guarantee your work?

We only provide a professional service and are committed to the highest quality.
Although we do not give refunds we do offer a satisfaction guarantee  this ensures that you the customer will remain happy
with our service or product.

Best way to scan already printed photos?

Use the camera from your iPad, iPhone or camera at a high resolution in even natural daylight
(such as near a large window with a white wall or card opposite the window, or on a shaded verandah, porch.
Lay photo on a flat surface and hold your device above level perpendicular to your photo. -beware of reflections on your photos.
Save your photos as JPGS and place in a folder.

How do I send my photos to you?

You may send your photos via any file sharing service. Some of the most popular are Dropbox, Wetransfer or Google Drive.
Create a Folder for your photos and share that folder to