Photo restoration services

Do you have old damaged photos you thought were lost forever?
Professional photo restoration can save irreplaceable pictures and preserve an important part of your family history. Photography captures a moment of time and preserves it for us to reflect upon in the future. 
This is the reason photographs are so important as a record of our history. Unfortunately, while the photographs don't age as quickly as the people in them, they can still suffer wear and tear. 

However, they can be copied, enhanced and retouched to look as good as new. Cracks and marks can be removed from your old photos, torn prints joined and faded photos brought back to life, all with minimal handling of your precious original. 
Once you have discovered a valuable picture don't put off making it safe and sharing it with the rest of the family . 
A beautifully restored picture makes a unique and very personal gift

- Photo Restoration Gallery -

fix old black and white

wedding photo picture photo restoration
remove tears from old photo restoration

photo restoration wedding photo

army photo restore restoration fix

army photo restoration
photo restoration baby photo fix 

baby photo restored
fix colour of photo from 1970

1980 photo restored
restore and change background

change background black and white photo
colour old black and white photo

colour black and white photo

fix faded photo in frame

photo damaged in frame restoration

restore photo from 1800's

1800 photo antique photo restoration

antique photo restoring

antique old photo fix

passport photo restore fix

restore old passport photo
remove scratched from photo

fix scratches in photo
restore colour to photograph

rrestore colour of photo
- Pricing -

  • $10 + per photo

  • a few imperfections & enhancements

  • Digital File Only provided

  • $20 + per photo

  • at least half photo needs restoring

  • Digital File Only Provided
  • $30 + per photo

  • almost all of photo needs restoring

  • Digital File Only Provided
Please contact us below or above for a free quote
{ You may send a small resolution copy of your photo restoration taken with your phone
but will need to send the high resolution once quote accepted.}

- Frequently asked questions -

How do I copy my photo to be restored?

Scan your photo to be restored - scan at a dimension you require for final print @300dpi
Or Photograph your photo - use the camera from your iPad, iPhone or camera at a high resolution.
Lay photo on a flat surface in a well lit room, be aware of any reflection on the photo. 
Hold iPad, iPhone or camera level above the photo

What format do I need to save my photo?

Save scanned or photographed photo as a JPG saved @300DPI

How do I send my copied photo to you?

Send your copied jpg photo by email using the email link above or below. - images can be saved as an attachment. 
Once we receive your photo for restoration by email we will send you a quote with our account details for prepayment if the
quote is approved by you.