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Wedding DVD Slideshows Australia

Our wedding slideshows take your wedding photos and turn them into an unique keepsake that will be a great reminder of your wedding day. Couples take their favourite wedding photos and wedding day songs and then let us create a Wedding slideshow set to their wedding song.Our Wedding slideshows also make perfect thank you gifts for parents, and other special family or friends.

The finished disc is packaged in a traditional DVD case with a customised label and front cover.This product comes in a range of packages so that you may find one that fits your needs and budget.
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Wedding Slideshow Pricing

Package A

50 images
1 Song

Package B

100 images
1 - 2 Songs

Package C

Up to 200 images
2-3 Songs

All Our Packages include:
Consultation - together we will fortell the life story of your loved one.
Photo Restoration - All your images will be colour and tone corrected and dust and scratches removed.
Scanning - All your paper photos are scanned and optimised.
High Quality DVD Case -Custom designed and printed
High Definition Disc - Custom Designed & Printed
Data Disc -All retouched images on disc.

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