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Funeral Memorial Video Slideshow Presentation Australia

Why choose us (a professional) to create your Funeral Memorial Slideshow?
When a loved one dies, lots of people decide to create a Funeral Photo MontageSlideshow to remember and honour them. There is not usually a lot of time, and often the most that can be achieved is to gather the available photographs and throw them into some kind of automatically generated funeral slideshow. And that's just fine. After all it's about the person and not the slideshow.
What if you want to do a little better?
Even if you have limited time we can create a special kind of Funeral Memorial DVD Slideshow for more than just being shown at the funeral service but a slideshow that will be treasured for years to come and will become a family heirloom. Some of the following except the photographs of course you may not wish to include, that is ok,  after all it is your funeral slideshow.

1. The Photographs:
The basis for any Funeral Slideshow of course are the photographs. We will take extra care to ensure proper scanning and remove any blemishes, scratches and the usual ageing of all photographs.
Some thought as how they are panned or zoomed or positioned will repay you many times over in audience appreciation.
2. Text (Captions):
We have all watched funeral slideshows and wondered who we are looking at. Without captions there are no answers. So, one of the things to include might be captions. From 1960 onwards some labs printed the processing date on the back of the photo so you may wish to include that as a caption.
3. Handwriting Sometimes you are lucky enough to find a person's handwriting on the back of an old  photo, we can scan that include it in your funeral slideshow. You may find handwriting from an old letter or shopping list etc. you may also use.
4. Old video footage:
We can include a video footage of the deceased. Nothing brings back a person in to our memories then a video clip. You may need to get old 8mm,16mm or super 8 film converted into a digital format to add to your funeral slideshow.
5. Clippings:
Some people have a scrapbook with some news clippings or announcements etc. about themselves. We can scan these and also include in your funeral slideshow.
6. A DVD box cover:
All our funeral slideshows include a personalised DVD cover and disc artwork so to  make the funeral slideshow attractive as well as recognisable.
7. A YouTube posting (with your permission of course):
Make it available for  family and friends who couldn't attend the funeral so it is available anytime.
You may say“I have a friend who can do a slideshow for me, they are great with power point presentations.” That may correct, but please remember that they will be affected by the event and unless everything is done perfectly you may find that when it comes time to for the slideshow to play at the service you may have problems.
The Powerpoint presentation may not be compatable with the the equipment at the venue, things such as music not playing or photos are missing or worse yet it won't play at all, it can easily happen and it is devastating for the grieving family. You might be lucky it might work perfectly, but isn't it too important to run the risk?
Please remember there is only one shot at the funeral ceremony and it has to be done right.
We understand time is often short, so photographs need to be quickly chosen and scanned, stories need to be told, and the funeral slideshow needs to be assembled - often in a matter of days. We will go out of our way to accommodate you at this very emotional time.
funeral memorial slideshow video presentation Australia

Funeral Memorial Video Slideshow Gallery Australia

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Funeral Memorial Video Slideshow Pricing Australia

Package A

approx. 5 minutes
50 images
1 Song

Package B

approx. 10 minutes
100 images
1 - 2 Songs

Package C

approx. 15 minutes
200 images
2-3 Songs

All Our Packages include:
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes definitely. We will upload a proof for viewing to a file sharing service for you.
A 50% deposit is required at time of ordering and balance payable when design is approved. Money is paid in to our direct deposit account. Details provided
You can send digital files. Old printed hard copy photos will need to be scanned by you and saved as a JPG. Any text you would like should be saved in Microsoft Word.
Yes we do,  We only provide a professional service and are committed to the highest quality.
Although we do not give refunds we do offer a satisfaction guarantee  this ensures that you the customer will remain happy with our service or product.
Use the camera from your ipad, iphone or camera at a high resolution in even natural daylight (such as near a large window with a white wall or card opposite the window, or on a shaded verandah, porch. Lay photo on a flat surface and hold your device above level perpendicular to your photo. Beware of reflections on your photos. Save your photos as JPGS and place in a folder.
You may send your photos via any file sharing service. Some of the most popular are Dropbox, Wetransfer or Google Drive. Create a Folder for your photos and share that folder to